Arianna Vedaschi

Arianna Vedaschi is a Professor of Constitutional Law at the Law School of Bocconi University, Milan.
She is the author of À la guerre comme à la guerre? La disciplina della guerra nel diritto costituzionale comparato [the legal framework of war in comparative constitutional law], Turin, Giappichelli, 2007 and Istituzioni europee e tecnica legislativa [European institutions and legislative drafting technique], Milan, Giuffré, 2001. Among others, she co-edited and co-authored the book Secrecy, National Security and the Vindication of Constitutional Law, Cheltenham (UK) & Northampton (US), Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2013 (with D. Cole and F. Fabbrini). She wrote several papers and chapters in English, Italian and Spanish in the field of comparative constitutional law, with a particular focus on counter-terrorism measures, national security and human rights. She is the coordinator of the Security and Terrorism Research Group – AIDC Associazione Italiana di Diritto Comparato. She is a member of the IACL Research Group on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism and of the Europol Data Protection Experts Network. She acted as the Italian national expert for the European Parliament LIBE Committee Report: National security and secret evidence in legislation and before the courts: exploring the challenges (2014), led by the Centre for Research on Conflicts, Liberty and Security (CCLS) and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). She has been Visiting Professor and Visiting Scholar in several prominent Universities and Academic Institutions in Germany, Ireland, Spain, the UK, the US and Latin America.