Top ten most read posts of 2017

By the editors

In tradition with previous years, we list the top 10 posts that have been read by our readers the most in 2017. The list gives everyone an insight in which topics have been most popular on the blog. The list is dominated by Brexit, trade, immigration, the refugee crisis, data protection and of course the recent Taricco II judgment. Keeping in mind that there is a certain bias in favour of older posts which have had more time to become popular, this is the 2017 list of most read posts of the year:

  1. Opinion 2/15 and the future of mixity and ISDS

By Laurens Ankersmit (May 18 2017)

  1. The UK and sickness insurance for mobile citizens: An inequitable mess for Brexit negotiators to address

By Gareth Davies (March 17 2017)

  1. Case C-133/15 Chávez-Vílchez and Others – Taking EU Children’s Rights Seriously

By Maria Haag (May 30 2017)

  1. The power to conclude the EU’s new generation of FTA’s: AG Sharpston in Opinion 2/15

By Laurens Ankersmit (January 10 2017)

  1. Tele2 Sverige AB and Watson et al: Continuity and Radical Change

By Orla Lynskey  (January 17 2017)

  1. Opinion 2/15: Maybe it is time for the EU to conclude separate trade and investment agreements

By Szilárd Gáspár Szilágyi (June 20 2017)

  1. Third country law in the CJEU’s data protection judgments

By Christoph Kuner (July 12 2017)

  1. “So long (as) and Farewell?” The United Kingdom Supreme Court in Miller

By Oliver Garner (January 26 2017)

  1. CJEU Case C-638/16 PPU, X and X – Dashed hopes for a legal pathway to Europe

By Margarite Zoeteweij-Turhan and Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf (March 10 2017)

  1. A Way Out for the ECJ in Taricco II: Constitutional Identity or a More Careful Proportionality Analysis?

By Michal Krajewski (November 23 2017)

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