Top 10 most read posts of 2018

By the editors

In the last post of 2018, we list the top 10 posts that have been read by our readers the most in the past year. The list gives everyone an insight in which topics have been most popular on the blog (keeping in mind that there is a certain bias in favour of older posts which have had more time to become popular). Perhaps not surprisingly, Brexit has been a prevalent theme among readers again this year. In addition, the Achmea judgment and the autonomy of the EU legal order attracted significant attention. This will no doubt continue with the expected blockbuster Opinion 1/17 (CETA) next year. Lastly, the Charter’s significance in several areas is leaving its mark on readers as well.

We would like to thank all the contributors for their efforts to give their insights in important developments in EU law and we hope to continue receiving contributions from you and from new contributors (email us at ). We wish our readers and contributors all the best for 2019!

1. Can the United Kingdom unilaterally revoke its Article 50 notification to withdraw from the EU? Wightman v Secretary of State for DexEU [2018] CSIH 62

By Oliver Garner (September 24)

2. Achmea – A Perspective from International (Investment) Law 

By Pekka Niemelä (March 15)

3. Don’t Lead with Your Chin! If Member States continue with the ratification of CETA, they violate European Union law 

By Christina Eckes (March 13)

4. From Conflicts-Rules to Field Preemption: Achmea and the Relationship between EU Law and International Investment Law and Arbitration 

By Harm Schepel (March 23)

5, K.A and others – The Zambrano Story Continues 

By Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf (May 22)

6. Does Member State Withdrawal from the European Union Extinguish EU Citizenship? C/13/640244 / KG ZA 17-1327 of the Rechtbank Amsterdam (‘The Amsterdam Case’) 

By Oliver Garner (February 19)

7. A fragmentation of EU/ECHR law on mass surveillance: initial thoughts on the big brother watch judgment

By Theodore Christakis (September 20)

8. Lounes, Naturalisation and Brexit 

By Gareth Davies (March 5)

9. Mangold Recast? The ECJ’s Flirtation with Drittwirkung in Egenberger 

By Eleni Frantziou (April 24)

10. European arrest warrant and judicial independence in Poland: where can mutual trust end? (Opinion of the AG in C-216/18 PPU L.M.)

By Sofia Mirandola (July 24)