New layout for the European Law Blog

Welcome to the new layout for the blog.  Due to technical difficulties with the old software, it was time for a change. The new layout has been funded by the University of Liege (Belgium), the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), and the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). We are grateful for their support and we hope you enjoy the new site. 

New features

1. Neues aus dem Elfenbeinturm (NADE): New layout for conference and calls for papers announcements

The new layout features an improved feature for conference announcements and calls for papers. It integrates a calendar on both the sidebar and under a new page heading that gives you an overview of all the announcements that we have received. You can click on the calendar’s monthly sections to find upcoming conferences and events . Please keep sending us your calls and announcements via under the subject “NADE” (if possible please include a link). 

2. Topics bar

We have a new topics bar on the left side of the site. Click on topics to try it out and retrieve related blog posts.

3. New contributions

Please do keep emailing us if you are interested in writing a post for the blog. You can write us at or if you are keen to get in touch with a specific editor regarding a particular topic, we recommend contacting the following editors for the following topics:

  • Laurens Ankersmit ( : EU external relations law, EU environmental law, international economic law, competition law, EU internal market law
  • Benedikt Pirker ( ): NADE, EU constitutional law, EU external relations law, EU internal market law
  • Vanessa Franssen ( ): EU criminal law, AFSJ, EU constitutional law, data protection and digital governance, fundamental rights
  • Oliver Garner ( ): Brexit, fundamental rights, EU constitutional law, domestic constitutional law, citizenship
  • Jasmin Hiry ( ): EU institutional law, EU constitutional law, citizenship, transparency and access to documents
  • Orla Lynskey ( ): data protection and digital governance, fundamental rights, competition law