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The European Law Blog is written by experienced and young academics, as well as practitioners from around the globe. Our ambition is to provide a range of interesting analyses of and ideas on EU law. Though we come from several different linguistic backgrounds, we often choose to write in English, as we believe that this language is understood by most people interested in EU law. Occasionally, we might post in French or German too.

The blog aims at highlighting and commenting on current developments in EU case law and legislation, but will also discuss new relevant legal literature. Our posts provide concise, up to date commentary on legal developments within the EU. We aim at delivering high quality legal analysis, but in a style that is typical to legal blogs: short, informal, and at times opinionated and spicy.

In addition to working to inform you – the reader – about current developments in EU law,  we also invite you to participate in our discussions. The blog seeks to provide a digital and easily accessible forum for discussion. If you wish to share your views with us, please do so. Interesting and topical comments, criticism, and debate are welcome and encouraged!

 We hope you will enjoy the blog!

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