Albert Sánchez Graells

Dr Albert Sanchez Graells , LL.B., BA (Business), DEA (Law), PhD (Eur) (Law) is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Hull, UK, specialising in EU Economic Law and, more specifically, in EU Competition Law and EU Public Procurement Law. Prior to this appointment, Albert was Lecturer in European and Commercial Law at the Law Faculty of the Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid, Spain), as well as Director of its Master in International and European Business Law. Albert has spent significant research time at the Library of Congress (Washington, USA), the Centre for Competition Law and Policy of the University of Oxford (UK) and the Law Department of the Copenhagen Business School (DK). His research interests are in law and economics, especially regarding competition and public procurement law., on which he completed his PhD (Eur) and has recently published Public Procurement and the EU Competition Rules (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2011). His working papers and some of his most recent publications are available at and his personal blog is .